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​Axis M3216-LVE vs. M3215-LVE: Comparing the Pinnacle of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

​Axis M3216-LVE vs. M3215-LVE: Comparing the Pinnacle of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Posted by CTSi Group on Jul 31st 2023

In the realm of outdoor surveillance, Axis M32 series continues to be a symbol of excellence, with the M3216-LVE and M3215-LVE standing as exceptional choices for security professionals and businesses alike. In this comprehensive comparison blog post, we will explore the key differences and similarities between these two outdoor surveillance cameras from Axis. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of which camera best suits your specific security needs.

Axis M3216-LVE and M3215-LVE: Unveiling the Distinctions

  1. Resolution and Image Quality: The Axis M3216-LVE boasts an impressive 4MP resolution, providing superior image clarity and sharpness compared to its counterpart, the Axis M3215-LVE, which offers a still-impressive 1080p Full HD resolution. If you require high-definition video with greater detail, the M3216-LVE would be the ideal choice.
  2. Enhanced Light Sensitivity: For surveillance in challenging lighting conditions, the Axis M3216-LVE comes equipped with Axis' Lightfinder technology. This feature ensures exceptional image quality even in low-light environments, allowing for clear surveillance footage during the night. On the other hand, while the M3215-LVE delivers excellent daytime video, it does not possess the Lightfinder technology for optimal low-light performance.
  3. Forensic WDR: The Axis M3216-LVE offers Forensic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), enhancing image quality in high-contrast lighting scenarios. This technology ensures that both bright and dark areas are well-balanced, providing more detailed surveillance footage. While the M3215-LVE also has WDR, it doesn't have the Forensic WDR feature, making it better suited for scenarios with more moderate contrast.
  4. Built-In IR Illumination: Both cameras come equipped with built-in IR illumination for night vision capabilities, enabling clear surveillance footage in complete darkness. The M3216-LVE boasts an IR range of up to 30 meters, while the M3215-LVE has an IR range of up to 20 meters. Depending on your surveillance needs, the IR range can play a crucial role in camera placement and coverage.
  5. Remote Zoom and Focus: The Axis M3216-LVE features remote zoom and focus capabilities, allowing for easy fine-tuning of the camera's view from a remote location. While this feature enhances installation flexibility and ease, the M3215-LVE does not offer remote zoom and focus.


When it comes to outdoor surveillance, the Axis M32 series provides exceptional options, each catering to specific security requirements. The Axis M3216-LVE excels in delivering higher resolution, enhanced light sensitivity with Lightfinder, and Forensic WDR, making it ideal for capturing intricate details even in challenging lighting conditions. On the other hand, the Axis M3215-LVE offers reliable Full HD resolution, built-in IR illumination, and WDR, making it well-suited for general outdoor surveillance needs.

Whether you prioritize image quality, low-light performance, or specific features like remote zoom and focus, the Axis M3216-LVE and M3215-LVE are both top-tier outdoor surveillance cameras that ensure reliable and comprehensive security for any environment. Consider your specific requirements and make an informed choice to enhance your outdoor surveillance capabilities with Axis M32 series cameras.